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概念 Concept


The background of this machine is assumed in the past times which period was futuristic. Some of futurists were due to the impact of industrialization and the evolution of science and technology, so they gradually abandoned the old and began to think the possibility of future. The machine was issued by an enterprise at that time. According to the users' birth areas, they distinguished a variety of emotions and integrated emotions with videos, spreading the videos to the crowd in an attempt to influence the people's thinking chronically. Then indirectly classify the people's thoughts.

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操作方式 Process​





To start the machine's program, users have to hold their ID card bar code close to the infrared sensor. After the machine's computing program, users could get a disc in the cargo port. All of the contents of the discs are videos, and the videos' discrepancy are based on different of birth areas. As a past products, the machine's medias and appearance expressing the past science and technology- past imagination of technology, and I made it look stale in appearance.

Using Arduino environment, and connect with the infrared bar code detector to read ID bar code. After the system receiving the data, it will start the procedure and send the data to the analog TV screen to display the current processing status at the same time. After distinguish your data, the machine will give you a disc which match your birth area.

The machine's sound and screen display based on the 8-bit.

Film by Danist Wen

Interactive Installation / Danist Wen

Clothing / Hans berger

Music & sound / Danist Wen

Starring / Chen Wei Chung

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