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溫室 - REDSHEER x wombscape TAIWAN TOUR 2016


由影響日本(九零年代至今)地下音樂場景甚多的三支化石級樂團"BUCKET-T", "ATOMIC FIREBALL"以及"SCALENE"(Hardcore,Noise,Punk,Experimental等等樂風)解散後,三位核心團員組成,並在2015年七月發行首張專輯[Eternity]。

In the summer of 2013, ex-members of BUCKET-T, ATOMIC FIREBALL, and SCALENE got together to form REDSHEER. They have recorded their 1st demo in December that same year, and began streaming their music via SoundCloud.

REDSHEER began to perform live in March of 2014 in the Tokyo area. They recorded their 2nd demo few months later in July and made it available only at parties. The demo eventually landed in the hands of TILL YOUR DEATH RECORDS, which led to their signing to the label. They recorded their first full length album "Eternity", released in July of 2015.

REDSHEER's music does not simply fit into just one existing style of music. They have pushed the limits and opened up a new interpretation of hardcore music.


團員自許為Art core樂風方向,由Hardcore為基底,並融合mathcore,shoegazing,post-rock,emo與experimental,呈現標準後硬蕊(Post-Hardcore)路線的豐富樣貌。
活躍期間曾參與THE RODERICK(Aus),THE SECRET(Italy) 以及Kayo Dot(US)日本巡迴。
2015年11月發行首張實體及數位迷你作品[new world specimen]。

wombscape is an art-core group based in Tokyo Japan.
Formed in Jan 2010.
In 2013, they played as part of THE BRODERICK(Aus) Japan tour , and "THE SECRET(Italy) Japan tour".
wombscape released mini album "new world specimen" in Sep.11.2015, and played as part of "Kayo Dot(US) Japan tour" in Jun 2016. 


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